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L&H premium solutions including new components, repairs, or complete rebuilds keep your heavy mobile equipment such as dozers, graders, excavators, haul trucks, and wheel loaders in motion. With 60 years of industry-leading experience and expertise, our talented design, engineering, manufacturing, monitoring, and field service teams transform the heavy-duty equipment that’s critical to your quarry operations.

Improving Operations

The most successful operations have control of their downtime. Our custom replacement components and assemblies, total machine rebuilds, and in-field repairs feature superior materials and designs that are unique to your machine and your quarry’s operating conditions. L&H mobile heavy equipment repairs provide longer life while improving safety and performance. We have new, rebuilt, and exchange parts for critical components in stock. Expedited parts pickup and delivery plus a consignment and rebuild program supports your critical spares to keep your operations rolling.

Rebuilding Better

L&H 24/7 responsive field service experts quickly and accurately troubleshoot mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems and offer industry-leading teardowns, rebuilds, relocations, and installation. We repair and rebuild comprehensive systems on heavy construction machinery including cylinders, structures, drive and propel systems with onsite machining and welding, premium metallurgy, and upgraded designs. Our Ops IQ monitoring and controls program helps you track machine health and performance to reduce downtime and make data-driven decisions. Your quarry assets will last longer and perform better with less downtime.

L&H Innovations

L&H combines superior design, engineering, manufacturing, and monitoring expertise with a flexible and practical partnership approach to provide industry-leading solutions. Our enhancements to components including wheel loader lift arms and hydraulic gearboxes, haul truck axles, hydraulic cylinders, and undercarriages transform heavy mobile equipment in quarries around the world.

Direct REplacements

Every part is significant. We leverage six decades of heavy industry experience and expertise to even the smallest on-site repair jobs from loader and dozer ball joints, pins, bushings, and bearings to haul truck Y links, control arms, and tie rods. Our mobile heavy equipment repairs and enhancements minimize downtime so you can focus on meeting your production goals.

Custom Solutions

Our teams of experienced specialists are ready to design, engineer, and manufacture the components and assemblies you need to maximize production in your quarry. From cylinders to structures and propel and drive systems, L&H can help you with heavy mobile equipment solutions you can’t get from an OEM.



Complete Hydraulic Cylinder Capabilities

We have a single facility dedicated to comprehensive repairs and manufacturing for hydraulic cylinders, all under one roof.

Hydraulic Gearbox

Spline adaptors allow for 30% more contact resulting in lower stress and longer life on LeTourneau wheel loader machines.


100% of L&H premium components meet, or more often exceed, OEM performance, quality, and safety standards.

Lift arms

Design upgrades decrease loader maintenance and resolve OEM premature failures in side plates and torque tubes, reducing costs by at least 30%.

Advanced Seal Design

Our rebuild process reduces the cost of ownership by up to 50%.

Ready for increased productivity?

Components & Assemblies We Enhance

Haul trucks

· Cylinders

· Suspensions

· Wheel groups

· Truck boxes

Motor graders

· Front axles

· Cylinders

· Moldboards

· Circles

· Drawbars


· Cylinders

· Pumps & valves

· Gearboxes

· Loader arms

· Bell cranks

· Pins & bushing assemblies

· Ball/cap/socket assemblies

· Level links

· Miscellaneous components

Brands We Make Even Better

Field Services We Offer

· Machine teardowns and rebuilds

· Relocations

· Onsite installation

· Onsite machining and welding

Proven Solutions From Our Trusted Partners

We are proud to build partner relationships that expand our value through distributing quality solutions from trusted brands in operations across heavy industry. These partners share our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards, responsive service, and constant drive for innovation.


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