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L&H offers operations a new level of visibility to machine health and performance on both new and legacy machines through advanced heavy equipment monitoring. Our Ops IQ monitoring program helps prevent equipment failure and reduces downtime by identifying anomalies, patterns, and trends. Use the data reports to improve performance, optimize maintenance schedules, reduce unneeded maintenance activities, and avoid over-or-under-maintaining equipment.

Advanced Machine Monitoring

Why wait until a machine breaks down to call us when you can have unmatched operational intelligence on equipment performance? With our machine monitoring, you can make data-driven decisions that could save you weeks or months in downtime. These are just a few of our monitoring and control specializations. 


Monitor equipment wear, temperature, pressure, vibration, fluid levels, RPMS, contaminants, and energy consumption to identify anomalies, patterns, and trends. Track and show compliance with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.


Our Ops IQ app provides intuitive dashboards and reports with insights that help you make data-driven decisions. Optimize operations and maintenance, improve productivity and safety, and reduce costs with real-time information.


Don’t let downtime take you by surprise. Identify potential issues before they escalate into failures and proactively schedule heavy equipment predictive maintenance. Set up alerts to ensure your maintenance team is ready and keep downtime to a minimum.


With connected heavy equipment remote monitoring, you can track machine performance in real time. You can also turn on the power unit, run the crusher during a tramp event, control pickup, and adjust the bowl to remove material remotely from the control room, keeping your team out of harm’s way.

OPS IQ Features Innovating Operations

• Track and manage all assets in industrial environment

• Monitor asset current usage and usage history

• Send automated maintenance alerts and notifications

• Integrate with asset management software, ERP systems, and IoT platforms

• Leverage external platform data to provide holistic asset view

• Set up advanced admin and user permissions for increased security and privacy

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Benefits of L&H Monitoring & Controls

· Asset management

· Intelligent asset tracking

· Asset optimization

· Asset intelligence

· Predictive maintenance

· Data-driven asset insights

· Asset tracking solutions

· Real-time asset monitoring

· Asset lifecycle management

· IoT-enabled asset management

· Safety monitoring

Technical Data Sheets

Any make, any model

Our monitoring and controls team is ready to help you gain performance and safety insights on your heavy equipment.
We’ve yet to meet a brand we couldn’t make Honestly Better®, especially when we have the monitoring data in hand.

Deeper Partnership

L&H is a rare one-stop shop with all the services you need to keep your operations running safely and efficiently. Our advanced monitoring and controls program helps the rest of our service teams foresee maintenance issues before they happen so they can work directly with your operations teams on a solution in real time.

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