Keeping your critical assets out of critical condition

In the wind industry, you can’t afford for your major assets to go offline when they’ve got a job to do. L&H Industrial has over 50 years of manufacturing and repair experience to put behind your operations. We offer field services, design & engineering, and manufacturing & repair for the world’s biggest industrial solutions.

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Improved performance so your major assets last longer and run better and more efficiently


Fully integrated services for your wind assets

The full integration of our state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing, and field services uniquely suits L&H to improve the safety, quality, and lifetime performance of your major assets. 

Proven Solutions in the field

Wind turbine main shafts vary in metallurgical properties and the base material often varies between Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEM’s. Because of variances in materials, it was historically difficult to effectively repair main shafts and extend the life of the component.

Through a series of testing and analysis, L&H engineers developed two primary offerings to provide the best repair option based on metallurgy and main shaft design.

Precision machining, custom manufacturing, and total turnkey support for power generation operations

Our top-notch facilities and capabilities for precise manufacturing and repair of the largest power gen equipment make L&H ready to service any assets in the industry.

Active in the power generation industry

  • American Wind Energy Association
  • North Dakota power gen association
  • AGMA
  • Lignite Energy Council

Work with L&H to make your industrial solutions Honestly Better

Learn more about L&H Services and our components and assemblies for specific industrial solutions, or contact us to find out how we can improve your industrial solutions at the component or assembly

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