Technical Data Sheet: Hydraulic Gearbox

L&H Hydraulic Gearbox for Loaders: Optimized Performance and Longevity for LeTourneau®

Through operation, we know your equipment takes a beating and durability and efficiency are paramount. That’s where L&H Industrials’ Hydraulic Gearbox for LeTourneau® Loaders comes in, offering a range of features designed to optimize performance and minimize downtime. With an increased lifespan, derived from high-quality materials engineered for performance, this hydraulic gearbox stands up to the most demanding conditions providing you with reliability when you need it most. Through smart engineering, it’s designed with fewer components, simplifying maintenance and further reducing the chances of mechanical failure. Additionally, the hydraulic gearbox provides increased stabilization, ensuring that your loaders operate as smoothly as possible. These purpose-built features make it an unparalleled innovation for those in need of a more durable and efficient hydraulic gearbox for their LeTourneau® loaders.

When you’re making the investment for repair and maintenance on your loader fleet, you need components that you can rely on. Fill out our form today to download our free detailed technical sheet on the L&H Hydraulic Gearbox for Loaders. Make the smart choice for longevity and performance—act now.