Advancing technologies for
railroad operations

L&H Industrial projects for the railroads over the last 25 years showcase the spectrum of our machine engineering and custom manufacturing capabilities. We’ve developed Honestly Better technologies ranging from higher-performance, lower-maintenance assemblies to completely new, safer machines for specialized jobs.

Partners in railroad innovation

Our specialized designers and engineers frequently collaborate with our clients to develop technology advances for maintenance of way equipment. For instance, working with BNSF Railways we designed, engineered, prototyped, tested, and now manufacture an automatic pregauger machine that aligns plates for threading new rail in a simpler, more precise—and safer—way.

We also developed a lift table for a high-speed production tie exchanger that’s 35% stronger than the original OEM assembly and built to outlast it 5:1.


Fast-track development of Honestly Better railroad equipment

Complete technology re-designs: L&H Omega SuperSport Tie Knockout Workarm

L&H engineered and manufactures a precise, powerful custom workarm assembly for a production tie exchanger that’s twice as fast as the OEM assembly—and goes twice as long without maintenance. This significant technology advancement has a high efficiency payoff for railroad operations.

Higher performance systems: the L&H Omega Tie Knockout Lift Table

Designed to lift rail at higher speeds while extracting ties more efficiently, our low-wear lift table for production tie exchangers is 35% stronger and 100 pounds lighter than similar products, and it outlasts the OEM assembly 5:1. Combined with our L&H Omega SuperSport Tie Knockout Workarm, it can increase tie extraction from 12 to 18 ties per minute.

New machines: an automatic pregauger machine

To increase the safety and speed of threading new rail, L&H developed—from design to manufacture—a track-riding pregauger that automates the process of aligning plates for rail threading, increasing precision, saving labor, and improving safety.

Heavy machine upgrades and rebuilds: the taconite bucket wheel

L&H cost-effectively overhauled and upgraded a massive bucket wheel loader that moves up to 5,000 tons of ore per hour at an inland dock. L&H designed and engineered better structures, manufactured and rebuilt all major assemblies—ladder boom, mast, gantry, discharge booms, side frames, car body—and did a complete machine teardown and recommission.

Contact us about our current improved machinery for railroad operations and how our team can partner with yours to develop specific technology for safer, more efficient railroad operations.

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