Featured specialty equipment

C-axis with live tooling, from 3’ 7” (1m) to 41’ 6” (12.7m) swing diameter; Max workpiece height – 16’ 8”, 500,000 lb (226,796 kg) table capacity

Höfler Rapid 6000 gear grinder
6 m (19.7’) Ø capability; grinds gears to AGMA 12 or better quality

Okuma Double Column Machining Center
Up to 21′ L x 8′ W x 8′ H; 95,000 lbs of table load and operating spindle of 4,000 rpm

Deckel Maho Machining Centers
DMU 200 FD 5 axis; 4’ (1.2 m) H x 7.8’ (2.4 m) Ø capability

CTX Gamma 3000 7-Axis Multi-turning Machining Center
7-axis; up to 24″ (60 cm) Ø x 9.8’ (3 m) L

FANUC ARC Mate 120 robotic welding machine
9-axis; single & dual head

Induction Systems Pro Scan Induction Hardener
8″ Ø x 38″ L, 500 lbs max capacity

State-of-the-art, industrial-scale CNC machines
Horizontal and vertical turning, milling, gear-grinding, robotic welding, metal cutting and forming

Full metallurgical lab
Testing: destructive & non-destructive, yield, impact, tensile strength, hardness, material analysis, spectrograph

Hard chrome plating
Large-scale hard chrome plating tanks: vertical – 60” (1.5 m) deep; horizontal – 30’ (9.1 m) long

Cranes & lift systems

Overhead Cranes
180-ton capacity

L&H shovel undecking system
1,400-ton capacity

L&H shovel jack systems
Over 2,000-ton capacity, lifts for shovel undercarriage change-outs

Gear-grinding capabilities

Maximun diameter
6 m (19.7′) Ø

Maximum weight
110,000 lbs (36,287 kg)

Gear face width
2 m (6.6’)

Mechanical capacity

Presses – horizontal
Up to 1,000 tons

Presses – vertical
Up to 150 tons

Hydraulic power packs
Up to 1,000 tons

Gearbox/Transmission test benches
Thermal and vibration analysis


Horizontal turn
Up to 136 (41.4 m) Ø x 32 (9.7 m) L

Spline & gear hobbing
Up to 44 (1.1 m) Ø, 127 (3.2 m) long; 80,000 lb (36,287 kg) table capacity

Horizontal boring & milling – CNC & manual
Up to 6 (15 cm) Ø spindle; 4’ (1.2 m) vertical travel; 35’ (10.7 m) horizontal travel

Vertical turning – CNC & manual
From 1(2.5 cm) to 44′ (8.8m) Ø; 16′ (4.8 m) H

Field boring/facing – gantry- & radial-style mills
Up to 6 (15 cm) Ø bars; 66 (167 cm) Ø bores; unlimited surface milling capabilities

Horizontal hone
Up to 25 (63 cm) Ø x 6 m (19.7’) long


Robotic welding
9-axis; single & dual head wire feed up to 40 lbs/hour deposition rate

Multi-process field & shop welding
SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, submersible arc, pulse arc

Automated bore welding
Up to 120 (304 cm) Ø

Stress relieving ovens
Length capacity – up to 30′
Width capacity – up to 16′
Height capacity – up to 12.5′

CNC pattern torch cutting
40′ long x 14′ wide
Oxyfuel – up to 8″ thick
Plasma – up to 3′ thick
It has a triple bevel head for oxyfuel
CNC-controlled bevel head for plasma

Automated flange welding
Up to 120 (304 cm) Ø

Induction heat systems
Pre- and post-weld treatment
Stress relief

Testing & analysis

Vibration & thermal analysis

Failure analysis (finite element analysis – FEA)

Gearbox/transmission testing
Planetary and parallel

Hydraulic testing
Up to 5,000 psi; high volume

Weld testing & crack detection
Ultrasonic (UT)
Magnetic particle

Measuring equipment
Laser tracker
Portable CMM Equipment
Mics, calipers, etc.

Metallurgical lab testing
Tensile strength
Material analysis

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