We bring 60 years of experience and expertise to transforming the largest machines on Earth with responsive design, engineering, manufacturing, monitoring, and field services for mission-critical ground support and mobile launch equipment. There’s zero tolerance for error with space equipment manufacturing and our superior quality, extreme precision, and expert partnership model offer the highest level of risk mitigation required for space mission ground support.

Mechanical Expertise

Our specialized teams offer comprehensive technical and turn-key solutions for ground support equipment, transporters, transporter erectors, and mobile launchers. We’re a member of AGMA and our world-class, ISO 9001 hubzone, small business certified facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for heavy fabrication and machining of custom components, tooling, and fixtures. We improve safety and performance with custom design, engineering, and manufacturing on plating, blast panels, hydraulic cylinders, bogies, undercarriages, propel gearboxes, roller assemblies, and structural components. And we back our innovations with 24/7 responsive field services to deliver missions to countdown. 

Ready when you need us

From long-term field machining to comprehensive machine maintenance, our highly specialized field services team brings 60 years of experience and knowledge gained working side-by-side with our clients in the trenches and on the launchpad. Our teams share field insights to build a depth of industry understanding and expertise that allows us to ensure absolute precision, improve safety and performance, and keep missions on track.

L&H Innovations

To support the specialized needs of the space industry, we leverage a unique integration of expert design, engineering, manufacturing, monitoring, and field service and maintenance capabilities with a nimble and practical partnership approach to provide world-class solutions that vastly improve ground support, transport, and mobile launch equipment operating efficiencies.

Direct Replacements

With extensive industry experience, we offer a comprehensive offering of space equipment repair and upgrade capabilities including hydraulic cylinders, propel gearboxes, and roller assemblies. Utilizing superior metallurgy and precision design, engineering, and manufacturing, our equipment upgrades ensure safer operation, improve performance, and reduce downtime.

Custom Solutions

There’s a reason L&H was selected to upgrade the NASA Space Crawler, which included manufacturing and installing over 1300 precision machined components that increased the payload to carry the next generation of rockets. We’re proud to ensure our clients stay on schedule and we’re ready for our next mission. Download the NASA Crawler Case Study below to learn more.

Leave Downtime

In The Dust

Design & Engineering

Optimize your operations with the expertise our team brings to developing one-of-a-kind innovations and advanced technology for heavy equipment across industries.

Manufacturing & Repair

Our world-class team of specialists manufactures and repairs components and assemblies using precision equipment in state-of-the-art facilities to improve operational safety and performance.

Monitoring & Controls

Our comprehensive digital solutions provide real-time insights for predictive maintenance and machine monitoring utilizing the most advanced AI, ensuring you have the data you need, whenever you need it.

Field Services

Our experienced crew collaborates with and works alongside your team to troubleshoot, repair, rebuild, install, and even relocate your heavy equipment.




100% of L&H premium components meet, or more often exceed, OEM performance, quality, and safety standards.


Over-delivered on compliance with NASA’s tight tolerance specifications of +/- 0.0002”.


Manufactured and installed over 1,300 components to increase the payload of the world’s largest self-powered land transport vehicle by 6 million pounds.

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Components & Assemblies We Enhance

Ground support

· Hydraulic cylinders

· Diesel hydraulic transportation 

· Bogies

· Fixtures

· Test stands

· Handling equipment

Crawler transporter 

· Propel gearboxes

· Roller assemblies

· Bogie assemblies

· Track shoes

· Drive tumblers

· Front idlers

Mobile launcher

· Plate fabrication 

· Structural components 

· Blast panels

We make equipment better

The expert team at L&H repairs, refurbishes, replaces, and customizes components and assemblies on space ground support equipment for improved safety and performance.

Case Study

Challenge Accepted

When NASA’s prime contractor asked us to increase the payload of the world’s largest self-powered land transport vehicle by 6 million pounds, our team said, “how soon do you need it?”. In the ultimate test of our precision manufacturing and field machining capabilities, L&H completed a retrofit upgrade of the massive NASA Crawler-Transporter 2. And we did it ahead of schedule, on budget, and surpassed the original project specifications.


Proven Solutions From Our Trusted Partners

We are proud to build partner relationships that expand our value through distributing quality solutions from trusted brands in operations across heavy industry. These partners share our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards, responsive service, and constant drive for innovation.

Have A Big

We’re ready for anything.

No problem is too big or too small. Our expert engineers, manufacturers, and field service technicians love a good challenge and routinely solve complex issues for operations globally.