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To provide Honestly Better® parts, we start with expert design and engineering. Our veteran team specializes in heavy equipment upgrades and technology advancements for massive industrial machines across industries. From concept-to-prototype and shop-to-field development, we improve parts and assemblies on heavy industrial equipment—no matter how big, how small, or how complex. If you require a custom solution, we design and engineer comprehensive machine upgrades that help you meet your operational goals.

Improving Every Machine We Touch

Leveraging decades of insights shared by our field service specialists, we can make any component, assembly, or machine work better and last longer. Because we have an integrated approach between our teams for all projects, our designers and engineers spend significant time hands-on at job sites and in the shop, able to touch projects and talk with the people who use the machine. This allows us to provide superior solutions more quickly. These are just a few of our design and engineering specializations.

Major & minor assemblies

This is where we really shine; improving major and minor assemblies for faster, easier, and safer maintenance with better lifetime

performance and lower cost of ownership—even under the harshest conditions.

standard replacement parts

We can design and engineer any standard replacement part and are proud to take every part we touch beyond OEM standards with improved quality, safety, and performance, longer life, and decreased downtime.

custom solutions

Because we specialize in large mechanical engineering, we think big, just like our customers. How big? We’re currently working with a tier one space company to custom engineer a solution for rockets. Also, see our work on the NASA Space Crawler.

Turnkey solutions

Our design and engineering team of heavy industry experts work with our manufacturing and field service teams to build complete solutions to complex problems— 100% in-house, from concept to installation.

Honestly Better®


Electric Rope Shovel Undercarriage

With a deep understanding of mechanical systems and watching how machines are used and why they fail, L&H engineered a unique undercarriage solution that outlasts others by at least 30%.

Apron feeder shaft assembly

Eliminates fetter rings on sprocket housings and the need to remove motors and bearings if plates get damaged while protecting against timing misalignments.

Turbine main shaft rebuild upgrades

L&H experts created a proprietary rebuild process utilizing our specialized welding, mechanical and metallurgical engineers to mitigate premature failure and extend the life of a critical up tower component.

Taconite bucket wheel excavator overhaul

Design and engineering enhancements modernized a 40-year-old machine to better-than-new condition, for a whole second life.

Benefits of L&H Upgrades

Your need for high-performing equipment drives our innovations.

• Improved operations and safety 

• Increased lifespan

• Better lifetime performance

• More efficient maintenance

Any make, any model

Our specialized design and engineering team is ready to take your OEM equipment to the next level of quality, safety, and performance.
We’ve yet to meet a brand we couldn’t make Honestly Better®.

Optimizing Insights

Our expert team is able to create industry-leading solutions by leveraging the shared insights our field service specialists learn on the ground. We directly apply what we learn working alongside our customers to fuel the innovative improvements we design and engineer for our customers every day.

Explore our other service lines

Manufacturing & Repair

Our world-class team of specialists manufactures and repairs components and assemblies using precision equipment in state-of-the-art facilities to improve operational safety and performance.

Monitoring & Controls

Our comprehensive digital solutions provide real-time insights for predictive maintenance and machine monitoring, ensuring you have the data you need, whenever you need it.

Field Services

Our experienced crew collaborates with and works alongside your team to troubleshoot, repair, rebuild, install, and maintain your heavy equipment.

Have A Big

We’re ready for anything.

No problem is too big or too small. Our expert engineers, manufacturers, and field service technicians love a good challenge and routinely solve complex issues for operations globally.