With six decades of expertise in design & engineering, manufacturing and repair, monitoring, and field service guiding our proficient teams, we stand as one of the few firms globally to deliver unparalleled response times for both scheduled and unexpected hydro dam halts. We take pride in being the service provider you can trust to ensure timely upkeep and to enhance assets, catering to the energy demands of tomorrow. Our adept professionals repair, rebuild, customize and uphold hydro turbines and various mechanical components throughout your facility, ensuring a swift return to power production.

Leave Downtime in the Dust

Design & Engineering
Elevate your processes with the depth of knowledge our team offers in creating unique breakthroughs and cutting-edge tech for heavy equipment across industries.

Manufacturing & Repair
Our elite team of experts produces and mends components and assemblies with high-precision tools in cutting-edge facilities, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

Field Services
Our adept team works in tandem with yours to address issues, repair, rebuild, install, and sustain your heavy machinery.

Monitoring & Controls
Our all-encompassing digital tools offer instant insights for anticipatory maintenance and equipment tracking, guaranteeing access to crucial data whenever it’s required.

CASE STUDY: Segmental Floating Bulkhead


Find out how L&H was uniquely suited to meet the precise manufacturing demands of this segmental floating bulkhead for use during planned maintenance .


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Components & Assemblies We Elevate

  • Drivetrain major components
  • Headcover
  • Turbine shaft
  • Head
  • Wheel
  • Nozzle
  • Blades
  • Bottom ring
  • Wicket gate 
  • Floating bulk head

Simply Unmatched

  • Components: 100% of L&H premium components meet, or more often exceed, OEM performance, quality, and safety standards.
  • Capabilities: Providing world-class, innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, monitoring, and field services to the major heavy industries for 60 years.