Technical Data Sheet: Lift Arms

L&H Lift Arms for Loaders: Superior Strength through Advanced Engineering for LeTourneau® Series

Mining operations require its fleets to run at peak performance, and L&H knows that reliability and performance are key across your site’s mobile equipment. L&H brings you a proven innovation with their Lift Arms specifically designed for LeTourneau® L-2350, L-1850, and L-1350-wheel loaders. These lift arms come with enhanced features that outperform standard offerings in the market. One of the standout attributes is the increased side plate thickness, which provides higher durability and strength essential for these workhorse machines. The lift arms also feature a two-piece forged torque tube that brings robustness to a new level, ensuring that these components can withstand the strains of heavy lifting without compromising integrity.

Beyond physical construction, L&H engineers utilize Finite Element Analysis in the design phase, optimizing the lift arms for performance and longevity. This analytical approach ensures that the arms are engineered to meet the demanding conditions of operation and are a significant upgrade for your LeTourneau® loader.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your wheel loaders. To discover more on this innovation, fill out our form to access a detailed technical sheet on the L&H Lift Arms for loaders that elevate the performance and reliability of this critical component.