Live testing solutions


Eliminate Live Work

Reduce the risk of accidents and ensure workforce safety across industries with innovative, live equipment testing that allows maintenance crews to test critical equipment with no contact while providing precise data so you can make informed decisions in real-time. L&H Industrial is proud to partner with SafeGuage to provide you with fast access to the instruments you need to safely optimize your operations in the United States, Mexico, Chile, and Canada.

Next-Level Operational Safety

Designed to accurately test hard-working equipment across industrial applications, SafeGuage instruments are manufactured with high-quality, durable materials. These tools provide no-contact digital equipment measurements and eliminate live work hazards. With an intuitive interface, operators of all skill levels can easily operate the systems with minimal training.


· Non-contact testing capabilities 

· Precision digital equipment measurements

· Durable to withstand harsh conditions 

· Easy to install and operate

· Eliminates live work

· Variety of kits stocked in the US

· Suits operations across industries

Get Safe Data Fast

Mackellar Group, a leading heavy equipment solutions provider, implemented SafeGuage instruments into their process with record improvements to equipment downtime and operational safety. “When the machines are running, there’s a lot of high pressure and hot oil around… With SafeGauge

products, operators can go and sit up in the cab of the machine and are completely away from the source.”

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We are proud to build partner relationships that expand our value through distributing quality solutions from trusted brands in operations across heavy industry. These partners share our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards, responsive service, and constant drive for innovation.

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