Railroad Machinery

Purpose-built—or rebuilt—technology to improve railroad operations

Through advanced engineering backed by our custom heavy-equipment manufacturing capabilities, L&H helps railway companies improve maintenance-of-way equipment and other large-scale operations machines for greater safety, speed, power, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

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For a current list of railroad products, assemblies and custom tools, view our Railroad Parts Catalog. These products are used in the predictive, planned and corrective maintenance activities of Maintenance of Way equipment optimize your machine’s performance and decrease downtime.

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L&H develops Honestly Better railroad equipment

L&H’s Omega solutions for railroad maintenance of way equipment redefine downtime in operations and increase productivity. We have partnered with the world’s largest railroad companies to  help solve their maintenance needs. Our engineers work side-by-side with the customer to understand the machine or operation’s problems and provide long lasting solutions focused on quality, safety, service and innovation.

  • Kershaw, tie crane boom, main boom, jib boom

    L&H Omega Tie Crane Boom

    The L&H Omega Tie-Crane Booms provide value to your maintenance of way equipment through reduced cracking and more than 2X increased life. Historical pitfalls of OEM designs including cracking at the cylinder attachment ears, doubler plates and wear from pivot pins have been eliminated and completely redesigned.

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  • L&H Omega Spiker Axle

    The L&H Omega Maintenance of Way Equipment Axles provide value to your maintenance equipment through increased load capacity and longer service life. This flexible design allows for integration into many types of machines and can be adapted to fit most MOW equipment.

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  • L&H Omega Work Arm

    L&H Omega Work Arm Extractor Tube & Lift Table for production tie exchangers is designed for optimum speed and longevity, significantly increases the efficiency of high-speed tie gangs and outlasts competing assemblies 5:1.

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Learn more about L&H custom solutions for railroad maintenance and operations equipment, including our industry-leading L&H Omega products.

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