Technical Data Sheet: Tie Crane Boom

L&H Tie Crane Boom: Durable & Efficient for Kershaw Tie Cranes
Kershaw, tie crane boom, main boom, jib boom

We know that your maintenance of way equipment needs to be reliable to keep your rails running smoothly, and where durability and efficiency are non-negotiable, L&H’s Tie Crane Boom emerges as an unparalleled and smart solution for Kershaw Tie Cranes. Engineered for interchangeability, this innovative boom significantly reduces equipment maintenance time and with minimized stress concentrations in the design, the boom’s lifespan is effectively prolonged and outlasting OEM designs. With the added benefits of reduced maintenance requirements and increased operational uptime, the L&H Tie Crane Boom stands as a prime example of superior engineering and long-lasting efficiency.

Maximize the longevity and productivity by investing in the L&H Tie Crane Boom. Fill out our form today to download a detailed technical sheet on this game-changing assembly and make the move toward unparalleled durability and efficiency for your maintenance of way equipment.