Mining Drills

Proven ways to optimize blasthole drills—from trackpads to rotary head gear boxes

Longer component life. Stronger alloys. Better maneuverability. Improved trackpad geometry. Extended maintenance intervals. For blasthole drills—and other heavy machines in your mining fleet—individual L&H improvements add up to better performance and lower total costs over a longer machine life.

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Innovative L&H technology for
blasthole drills

L&H Omega Trackpads

Engineered to eliminate inherent “dozer” design shortfalls, our industry-leading trackpads for blasthole drills operating in hard-ground conditions reduce steering load, distribute ground contact forces, and address critical-wear components.

Learn how much you can improve blasthole drill handling and performance by replacing standard trackpads with advanced L&H Omega technology.

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Brands served

  • Atlas Copco ®
  • Cat ® / Bucyrus ®
  • Ingersoll Rand ®
  • P&H ®
  • Sandvick ®
  • Gardner Denver ®
  • Vintage machines
  • Custom machines

Select L&H blasthole drill components and assemblies

100% of L&H premium components for mining blasthole drills meet or—more often—exceed OEM standards for performance, quality and safety.


  • Leveling jacks
  • Catwalks


  • Mast/tower structure
  • Rotary head gearboxes
  • Pull down guide frame
  • Break out wrench
  • Carousel assembly

Propel assembly

  • L&H Omega Trackpads
  • Propel transmission
  • Drive tumbler
  • Shoes + pins
  • Trackpads + chains
  • Take up idler
  • Lower roller
  • Upper rollers
  • Side frame
  • Axles
  • Shock sub

Down hole

  • Drill steel
  • Consumables
  • Saver subs
  • Sheaves


  • Cylinders
  • Pump drives

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