Technical Data Sheet: Straddle Mount Front Idler

L&H Industrials Straddle Mount Front Idler for Blasthole Drills: Engineered for Excellence

When it comes to your drill and blast production goals, where efficiency and reliability are most important, L&H Industrial has engineered a solution that meets the industry’s needs head-on for the 49R series drill. Our Straddle Mount Front Idler, specifically designed for Bucyrus®/Caterpillar® 49R series Blasthole Drills showcases a standout feature of its enhanced stabilization, designed to prevent the idler from walking out of the tracks. This ensures a smoother drilling process that not only improves accuracy but also diminishes the overall wear and tear on your equipment. Additionally, our Straddle Mount Front Idler for blasthole drills offers enhanced resistance against wear, corrosion, and impact when tested across the globe. Utilizing cutting-edge materials and engineering techniques, this innovation leads to fewer stoppages for maintenance and greater operational uptime—saving both time and money. We also understand that routine maintenance is critical and that’s why our idlers come equipped with an easy bushing inspection feature, allowing for quick and straightforward checks that help maintain peak performance with minimal downtime. Tailor-made for seamless integration with Bucyrus®/Caterpillar® 49R series Blasthole Drills, our Straddle Mount Front Idler offers optimal performance and reliability when compared to original designs.

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