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The L&H Omega Maintenance of Way Axle provides value to your maintenance equipment through increased load capacity and longer service life. This flexible design allows for integration into many types of machines and can be adapted to fit most MOW equipment.


  • Interchangeable. Wheels, sprockets and mounting assemblies are interchangeable with the OEM components, reducing inventory needs.
  • Higher load capacity. 20-200% increased load capacity, dependent on machine application.
  • Rebuild-able assembly. Reduced downtime and increased productivity through the re-use and rebuilding of components during maintenance intervals of axle. assembly.
  • Timkem AP bearing. Self-contained, pre-greased unit developed specifically for the railroad industry. This bearing style has provided decades of successful applications.

Omega MOW Equipment Axle


Custom bearing housing

The custom bearing housing is designed to be re-buildable and requires only a small modification to the rear axle frame to act as a direct replacement to the OEM.

No axial motion

The stepped shaft with jacking bolts eliminates the axial motion—problem with many OEM designs.

Increased life

Larger shafting and higher strength material reduce the fatigue stress, extending the service life of the machine.

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