L&H Omega Hydraulic Snubber Download Tech Sheet PDF


An easy to install device, the nitrogen-charged L&H Omega Hydraulic Snubber reduces damage to haul trucks, reduces damage to the dipper and dipper door, and assists the dipper door in shutting with smooth, fluid operation.


  • Adjustable. Adjustable door-closure speed minimizes slamming for any size of dipper.
  • Built to last. Rugged casing protects the rod from rocks and debris.
  • Low maintenance. Collective design improvements reduce lifetime machine costs, This includes design simplicity that minimizes the chance of leaks and stronger, longer-lasting alloys that extend maintenance intervals,
  • Low wear. Improvements to the dipper door and dipper components make for a longer-lasting assembly.
  • Safer. Extended maintenance intervals reduce the risk of injury to miners working on machines by reducing total maintenance time.


Rod encapsulation

Reinforced rod housing prevents damage to the rod from rock and debris that land on the snubber.

Adjustable Valves

Valves can be adjusted so that the snubber can be used on various size dippers.

Manganese steel bushings & magnets

Increased bushing life and reduced wear and maintenance costs.