Maintenance Fixtures | Increasing Safety

Just as L&H focuses on safety internally, we are focused on doing the same for our customers. We know increasing safety and efficiency is important to machine maintenance and crucial our customers’ operations. L&H engineers have focused on these industry needs and designed fixtures to simplify many common maintenance hassles. These safety derived fixtures create a safer and easier work environment that aid in lifting, installing and removing machine components as well as adding safe visual access during maintenance procedures.

495 Final Drive Installation/ Removal Kit
Service kit provides all necessary tooling required to safely and efficiently remove and install the L&H Final Drive Assembly.

495 Center Pin Nut Lifting Fixture and Hole Cover
Custom built rated jig to safely lift and thread the 495 center pin Nut onto center pin. Custom fit rated man hole covers made out of lightweight aluminum designed to cover over holes in center pin as well as center pin bore during maintenance activities.

Jack Stand
Universal jack stand measuring 35-3/4” tall, that has been pre-certified to support 50,000 pounds.

495 Swing Pinion Bearing Capsule Puller and Support Stand
Provides a rated safe work setup for conducting field replacement of the Swing Pinion Lower Bearing Assembly.

495 Hoist Gear Assembly Lifting Fixture
Create a safe and efficient removal of the hoist gear, spider and bearing housing during replacement and repair.

Crawler Frame and Boarding Stair Platform
Custom built platforms for safe servicing of sliders and mounting hardware on 495HR/HF side frames while the tracks are installed.

495 Swing Pinion Installation Jig
Custom built rated jig allows pinion for safe and efficient installation and removal of 495HR/HF Swing Pinions into the Swing Girders with standard support equipment.

Rear Axle Box Stand for 830E and 930E
Provides a stable platform to aid in installation and transportation of struts.

793C Strut Assembly Stand
Provides a stable support to aid in the installation of wheel motors or struts in the shop or in the field.