Taking the high road to safety

We take safety seriously, not because it’s regulated, but because it’s right. We include our customers in that concern, too. Whether we’re building, installing or repairing—in the shop, or in the field—we make safety our #1 priority.

About our safety program

Our well-defined “Taking the High Road to Safety” program fits the distinctive culture of our company and incorporates three common-sense aspects: self-observation, interactions and audits.

We methodically evaluate every project for potential hazards, empower all employees to address anticipated or emergent hazards immediately, document any problems that do arise, and continuously improve our protocols.

We follow OSHA, DOT and MSHA regulations, however, putting people first, situational awareness, open communication, and our proactive, do-the-right-thing approach are the true foundation of our exceptional safety record.

Safety First

Regulatory compliance

In keeping with our longstanding culture of looking after the environment as well as the safety of our workers and clients, L&H complies with all applicable DEQ and EPA standards.

We also take a no-compromise approach to quality in everything we do at L&H. 

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