Complete gear solutions

Large gearing has become one of L&H’s core competencies over the years and can now manufacture gears up to 6 meters in diameter with AGMA 12+ surface quality. Engineers use upgraded materials and maintenance focused designs that extend life and reduce maintenance and field technicians install the assemblies in the field; providing a whole solution for the customer’s needs.

In the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, L&H manufactured and installed a swing system on a 301 Marion electric rope shovel. L&H had maintained the machine over the years and was familiar with the piece of equipment. The system was designed with a replaceable thrust rail and upgraded swing shaft assemblies, the original shaft assemblies on the machine were breaking prematurely at the bearing fit, so L&H engineers developed a positive stop shaft designed with blended and polished roots, reducing the stress concentration.

The newly installed swing system is another example of L&H’s commitment to complete customer solutions. An engineered solution, manufactured with quality and installed safety in the field is what our customers can expect when they work with L&H.