Tempe, Arizona – USA

Designed and engineered for the mineral processing industry’s biggest jobs

In Tempe, L&H is bringing our industry-leading capabilities and drive to innovate to the mineral processing industry and delivering Honestly Better solutions for our clients – in the shop and in the field.

Tempe offers fully-customized manufacturing and repair services for the world’s largest industrial machinery with a specialization in machine gears, gearboxes, pinions, and pinion shafts.

Our 60,000 square foot space is centralized to simplify your logistics and cut expensive downtime that can put a dent in your bottom line. Tempe’s cutting-edge facilities and advanced capabilities are unique to the region, making L&H your solution for mechanical, machining, welding, engineering, and field services.

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Setting the standard

Machine and Facility Features

Our master tradespeople use cutting-edge technology to get your mineral processing operations back online as quickly as possible – whether it’s a repair, rebuild, reband, or a newly machined component.

From inspections to tear downs to assembly, our teams can provide solutions for your components with the highest quality parts.

Tempe also feature facilities and machine capabilities that are unique to the region, another reason L&H is positioned to deliver the results your operation demands.

  • Our Höfler Rapid 6000 gear grinder can grind gears up to 
6 meters (19.7’) in diameter to AGMA 15 or better quality.
  • L&H’s state-of-the-art, industrial-scale CNC machines are designed for horizontal and vertical turning, milling, forming, internal teeth grinding, gear gashing, and internal attachments for gashing splines on large bores.
  • Tempe’s large capacity horizontal lathe spotlights the sheer size of parts L&H can machine.
  • The facility in Tempe also boasts an overhead crane spanning our machine and welding facilities with a 100-ton crane capacity.
  • L&H utilizes a vibration test bench for precision planetary and parallel gearbox transmissions, and our laser tracker ensures exacting quality.
  • The state-of-the-art weld shop enables us to precision weld and assemble massive parts and provide rigorous quality-control testing.

Experts in the shop and in the field

Tempe Field Services and Engineering

In addition to facilities and capabilities that set the standard in the region, our Tempe location is home to our experienced field service crews and veteran engineering teams.

Our field service crews troubleshoot, repair, inspect and install components to get your operations back online as quickly as possible. And, our specialized engineers develop innovative assemblies and technology advancements based on the challenges our customers face and insights from our expert field crews.

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