Mining Draglines

Reducing the total cost-of-ownership for draglines through smart engineering

Based on insights from our field experts, who service every model of dragline, L&H designs, engineers, and manufactures Honestly Better dragline components and assemblies that improve the lifetime performance of your mining machines and reduce operational costs.

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Gear rebanding for draglines

As a faster, cost-saving alternative to dragline gear replacement, our Manufacturing & Repair services team can reband large gears to exceptionally high quality, a process that also reduces tooth and rim deflection.


Improve your draglines for Honestly Better performance

Learn more about specific L&H dragline assemblies—including L&H Omega products, gearing, comprehensive Field Services, and custom engineering for heavy mining equipment.

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Brands served

  • Cat ® / Bucyrus ®; Marion ®
  • P&H ®
  • Custom machines
  • Vintage machines

Select L&H dragline components and assemblies

100% of L&H premium components for draglines meet or—more often—exceed OEM standards for performance, quality and safety.

Hoist system

  • Transmissions
  • Drums
  • Drum shafts
  • Gearing
  • Buckets

Swing system

  • Racks
  • Rails
  • Rollers
  • Center pin
  • Pinions
  • Shafts
  • Transmissions

Drag system

  • Structure
  • Point sheaves
  • Foot
  • Back legs

Propel system

  • Tub
  • Walking shoe
  • Walking arms
  • Stabilizer link
  • Gearing
  • Gear hub
  • Walking eccentric

Attachments & structures

  • Buffer cylinders
  • Gantry lug upgrades