Swing Girders

When a customer approached L&H engineers with a continuous problem of their swing girders cracking on their 7495HF machines along with difficulty conducting reliable repairs due to the base material used in the original design, L&H did what they do best, they went to work on a design upgrade to solve the customer’s problem. As the engineering team reviewed the component and they found this was a resonating problem many customers were experiencing around the world with HF and HR machine models.

Comprehensive upgrades were designed throughout the component to remove the historical cracking and rebuild issues. We updated a rod bolt block from a casting to a forging along with vertical and side plate stiffeners created a larger contact area against the revolving frame. Additionally, L&H introduced a washer concept that would be used on the inside of the revolving frame to help spread the load out onto a wider area of plate on the inboard side of the revolving frame to reduce cracking and bore distortion in that area.

L&H offers their rebuilt or newly manufactured swing girders fully dressed along with many other components
including side frames. With a full lubrication system plumbed to the right or left depending on the customer’s request the component also includes, RTD’s with fully assembled pinions and hardware. This allows the customer to literally take the product off the shipping truck and put it right onto the machine, a simple and seamless approach to replacing or rebuilding these components.

With rebuilt swing girders currently in operation since 2016 along with newly manufactured designs as well, the product has been running effectively and with positive results at all operations.