Design & Engineering

Improving the world’s hardest working heavy machines

Our veteran in-house designers and engineers specialize in technology advancements for massive industrial machines. This includes concept-to-prototype, shop-to-field development of top-quality L&H products. There’s no heavy industrial equipment part or assembly too big, too small, or too complicated for L&H Industrial to handle. We even design and build one-of-a-kind machines.


Performance beyond uptime

Downtime is expensive, no doubt. But a machine that under-performs over time, is difficult to service, or isn’t quite right for the job can be just as costly. That’s why the customizations and technology advancements we develop are so important to support the comprehensive Field Services we provide. And because we manufacture what we design, we have total control to make sure it’s top quality.

Innovation based on field insights, customer challenges

Fueling L&H innovation, our field crews keep our designers and engineers up-to-speed on the real-world machine challenges your fleet faces. We often partner closely with our clients to develop case-specific technology advances.

Sure, we can design and engineer a standard replacement part to OEM or—more often—better-than-OEM standards. But where L&H really excels is improving major and minor assemblies for greater safety, more efficient maintenance, and better lifetime performance under harsh conditions.

L&H technology that’s Honestly Better

Here are just a few examples of L&H innovation, including several from our renowned L&H Omega line:

  • L&H Omega Undercarriages for electric rope shovels have proven to last 30% longer than OEM assemblies.
  • L&H Walking Arm Modifications for draglines include a stronger-than-cast forged crank and can increase the walking arm lifespan up to 50%.
  • The L&H Omega SuperSport Tie Knockout Workarm operates at twice the speed of conventional production railroad tie exchangers and goes twice as long without maintenance.
  • Our complete overhaul of a taconite bucket wheel excavator used design enhancements and custom manufacturing to modernize a 40-year-old machine to better-than-new condition.
  • Our 1400-ton capacity shovel lift system—engineered and manufactured by L&H—undecks a shovel faster and more safely than any existing lift.


L&H Design & Engineering: Innovative. Specialized. Field smart.

L&H can engineer and re-engineer technology to lower the total cost of ownership for the machines in your fleet.

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