Megadoor Coalstrip Install


L&H Industrial’s field service team installed 10 Megadoors in Coalstrip, Montana to improve safety and efficiency at the mine site. When the customer first contacted L&H because the doors that were originally in the shop were outdated and electric powered. This was a concern as the doors could malfunction and fall on equipment or personnel below. The electric powered doors were also costly due to their inefficiencies and constant servicing needs. Installing the Megadoors solved these issues.

The translucent fabric of the new Megadoors lets natural light in, reducing electrical costs and while the old doors were expensive to maintain, the Megadoors are built to withstand the most extreme conditions, making these doors reliable with little downtime. This saves money during the hot and cold seasons by retaining and resisting the heat when necessary.

L&H’s install of the Megadoors took less than three shifts per door to remove the old doors and replace them with the Megadoors. Field services team turned this project around quickly for the customer and with no safety incidents. Mark Ausman, account manager on the project said,

“The customer was extremely impressed by our team’s work ethic, professionalism and how quickly the three-man team was able to remove the old doors and install the new ones. Overall, the customer was very pleased with how everything went.”