Manufacturing Day

At L&H Industrial, manufacturing is what we do. We are proud to design, manufacturer and service innovations that keep the world moving forward. We also love to inspire others that have a passion for thinking outside of the box and an interest in creating – That’s why National Manufacturing Day is especially important for us and all manufacturers, it gives them a platform to share the world of manufacturing with young minds and inspire the next generations of makers.

A Cutting-Edge Evolution

Over L&H Industrial’s fifty-five year history we have evolved our business alongside our modern manufacturing; and today L&H and many manufacturers around the world are leading cutting edge technologies. A career in manufacturing today is much different than that of our grandparents’ generation, it’s a big departure from old factories and unsafe work environments; instead, you will likely find CNC machines, robotic automation, smart machine data analytics and skilled tradesman at the helm of this technology.

“The technology is endless, it’s constantly evolving and your always learning; and that’s why I love this industry.” 
Evert – Machinist

Here’s to the Creators and Innovators

The first manufacturing day was held in 2012, and has continued to explode across the country ever since, with new companies joining the event each year to celebrate this great industry. Manufacturing day “helps show the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors to students, parents, teachers and community leaders”, according to the Manufacturing Institute. Although this year manufacturers may not be able to open up their facilities because of the pandemic, many are still sharing a peek into manufacturing in digital ways with videos, live events, interviews, social media and more.

Here at L&H we are proud to be apart of Manufacturing Day again this year.  We enjoy sharing what we do at L&H and why we love doing it, not only on Manufacturing Day, but each and everyday!