Case Study: Main Shaft Repairs 

Rethinking Main Shaft Repairs for Wind Turbines

Main shafts are critical components in the drive-train assembly of wind turbines. The wind industry was long challenged by main shaft repairs, as traditional methods like spray welding couldn’t offer the longevity or bonding strength desired, often leading to early component failures. L&H Industrial, leveraging its deep roots in high-precision machining and innovation, pioneered two groundbreaking repair solutions tailored specifically to GE and Siemens main shaft designs: the Weld Overlay Journal Repair and Roller Burnishing Journal Repair. These methods, based on metallurgical compatibility, not only extend the component’s life but also ensure a more robust integration with upgraded bearings, increasing the efficiency of wind power generators. L&H’s approach, backed by thorough testing, documentation, and failure analysis, provides repair solutions that are both economically viable and durable.  

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