Case Study: Forged Yoke Handle

A longer lasting handle for 495 CAT®/Bucyrus® electric rope shovels

In the tough industry of mining, we know the challenging operating conditions and production demands on your electric rope shovel fleet. Specifically for the CAT®/Bucyrus® electric rope shovels, with an increase in tonnage capacity, it became evident that the existing handle design was inadequate – prone to regular failures. L&H engineers saw this as an opportunity to accept the challenge of creating an Honestly Better® solution – a giant leap forward for durability, reliability, and performance through a forged yoke design for Hydracrowd® and original rope crowd handles.

Reuse your original tube, lower your total cost of ownership, and extend the life of your CAT®/Bucyrus® electric rope shovel. Dive in and discover L&H’s forged yoke handle design by accessing this free case study now.