Parts Return Policy 

L&H Industrial, Inc., (L&H) is pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to return parts, subject to certain limitations, per the L&H Parts Return Policy. Parts may not be returned without prior written approval from L&H. Parts must be “unused”, in new condition, free from rust and other surface flaws and blemishes, and with all original surface coatings and protections intact. When possible, it is requested that the Parts be returned in the original shipping packaging or crates. Parts return requests will not necessarily be denied if returned without the original packaging, or if minor surface blemishes are present, but additional handling fees may be imposed. All freight and any other shipping and handling fees required to return the Part to L&H’s designated return point shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. Parts returns will generally be accepted up to one year (12 months) from the date of shipment from L&H’s facilities. Parts return requests that are received later than one year following shipment will not necessarily be denied but may be subject to a further reduction in the credit that would otherwise be granted by this Parts Return Policy. Credit cannot be issued for any Parts until inspected and accepted by L&H. The sole manner of compensation for an approved Parts return request shall be a credit memo issued to the customer’s account. 

Credit issued for approved Parts return requests will be per the following schedule: 

Credit for Parts returned that L&H carries in its current inventory will be granted at the original purchase price less 20%. Current inventory will be defined as current at the time of the Parts return request. 

Credit for Parts returned that are non-inventory for L&H but that are otherwise regarded as marketable to L&H’s current customer base will be granted at the original purchase price less 30%. 

Credit cannot be issued, and Parts return requests will be denied for any Part(s) that are “Custom Made” or are otherwise unique and unmarketable to other L&H customers. 

L&H sincerely appreciates its customers and thanks you for the opportunity to serve you. Please contact your L&H representative with any questions or concerns regarding this Parts Return Policy.