Case Study: Segmental Floating Bulkhead

Revolutionizing Hydro Dam Operations: Fabricating the Segmental Floating Bulkhead

In the Pacific Northwest, a top-tier renewable power company faced a daunting challenge: maintaining their hydro dam structures to ensure they operated safely and efficiently. The primary obstacle? The need for an innovative solution for dewatering spillway gates during maintenance. Traditional methods were inefficient and risk dam stability. Enter Aubian Engineering’s patented segmental floating bulkhead design —a concept that promised adaptability and ease of maintenance. But who could bring this design to reality? L&H Industrial, known for their unparalleled expertise in critical component fabrication, rose to the challenge. The result? A revolutionized hydro dam operation, now safer and more efficient, paving the way for advancements in hydro unit repairs and upgrades for the foreseeable future.

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