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We know downtime is costly for your operations and the heavy-duty demands on industrial equipment and critical assets can be extreme. That’s why we have invested in our expansive 60,000sq/ft. full-service manufacturing and repair facility that houses the technology and equipment for your toughest rebuilds or custom engineered solutions.​

Whether you need a new design or custom modification to an inspection, rebuild or repair, our Tempe facility has the experienced teams and specialized equipment to deliver on all your maintenance needs. We like a challenge, and there isn’t much we aren’t ready to take on. With our comprehensive in-house solutions, we work side by side with our customers through Engineering & Design, Manufacturing & Repair, Monitoring & Controls, and Field Services; we are there every step of the way with you through your asset’s life-cycle. ​

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Our expert in-house engineers are specialized in mechanical components and assemblies including gearing and gearboxes, large fabrications, hydraulic cylinders and other areas of expertise including metallurgy and welding. With access to a robust suite of the most advanced technology and software to assist in all project designs and modifications, further verifying our design solutions are ready for the most extreme operating conditions and meet our Honestly Better® standard. ​


CAD design software​

Finite Element Analysis ​

Gear and Power transmission design and analysis ​

Thread programing for machining calculations ​

Reverse engineering 


One of the only companies in North America with in-house capability to grind gears up to 20’ in diameter; we deliver when size and precision matter. ​

Experienced with the most critical tolerances, we can provide surface quality finishes higher than industry standards. ​

With over 35,000 square feet of machining equipment, we can handle a unique size and scale of parts and have an integrated mix of multiple machining technology. ​


Large gearing up to 20’  in diameter and up to AGMA 15​

Vertical turnings up to 41.6’ in diameter​ and 16.8′ height

Massive shafting up to 70,000 lbs and 27’ long

Our 180-ton crane capacity can easily and efficiently move even the largest assemblies safely through our shop. With additional technology to manipulate and position these components, we can handle and rotate parts with ease. ​

Whether you need a custom fabrication, or complicated repair, L&H has over 60 years of knowledge and experience repairing and manufacturing components critical equipment and assemblies across a variety of industries. 


Skiaky Welding Positioner​

– Table Capacity: 140,000 lbs. (CG flat on table)​

– Swing Capacity: 174’’ Diameter​

– 180-ton crane capacity​

Cayuga Welding Manipulator​

– Vertical Limit: 15’​

Welding processes: SAW, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW​


Teardowns, assembly, and final testing are critical to the rebuild and manufacturing process; that’s why we house advanced equipment and expert mechanics with experience and know-how when it comes to gearboxes and other complex mechanical assemblies. Our engineers compile detailed inspection reports of every assembly that leaves our facility. ​

Our thermal and vibration test bench allows us to fully monitor break-in testing on gearboxes and transmissions; fully assuring it’s ready for operation.​


Gearbox/Transmission Test Bench

– Table Capacity: 15’ X 20’​

– Thermal and Vibration testing​

– Instrumentation, analysis and reporting​

 VHIS 400 Timken Induction Heater​

– Capacity: 36’’ diameter X 1,200 lbs.​

Horizontal and Vertical Presses up to 1000 ton​


There’s not much more important to us here at L&H than quality, we believe if you can’t provide a quality product; you can’t be in business. And we don’t stop there, we don’t believe in just delivery quality, but the highest quality. Quality so precedential, we can say it’s Honestly Better®. ​

When it comes to technology and equipment to support our quality processes and inspections; only the best will do. So, we’ve integrated innovative equipment and disruptive technology to redefine how we manage and validate each and every part that leaves our shops. These integrated technologies make our processes and procedures more efficient using artificial intelligence to provide us insight and comprehensive data in determining the component has met or surpassed every requirement.​


Coordinate Measuring Machine​

– Guaranteed accuracy: 0.0011in accuracy in 9ft envelope​

– Deviation comparison of scan & probe data to 3D Models​

Optical Laser Tracker​

– Guaranteed accuracy: 0.00115in accuracy in 260ft envelope​

Deviation comparison of data to 3D Models​

– Ultrasonic longitudinal and shear wave transducers​

Portable Optical Emission Spectrometer​

Analysis of chemical compositions of materials​

Gage Master Ultra-portable 6-axis multi-functional gear analysis instrument​

Gear Profile, Pitch, Lead, and Runout Accuracy Rating to International Standards​

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