Technical Data Sheet: Undercarriage Upgrade

L&H Komatsu/P&H Undercarriage: Proven to Last Longer Each and Every Time 

Mining operations worldwide are witnessing a transformative shift with L&H Industrials’ proven higher-performance undercarriages designed specifically for Komatsu/P&H electric rope shovels. Our state-of-the-art upgrades promise an extended assembly lifespan of 30% or more, ensuring that mining shovel fleets can operate at peak performance. Moreover, the reduced need for maintenance translates to considerable savings in time, resources, and safety providing an assembly that has a lower total lifetime cost of ownership.

Discover the details of our undercarriage assembly upgrades for Komatsu/P&H electric rope shovels and learn how it can enhance your shovel fleet productivity by filling out the form now to download and access our technical sheet.