Technical Data Sheet: Straddle Mount Front Idler

L&H Straddle Mount Front Idler: Ultimate Design and Function for Shovel Undercarriages 

L&H’s Straddle Mount Front Idler stands as a beacon of advanced engineering in the realm of shovel components and assemblies. Crafted for peak performance, our assembly design promises an extended lifespan, leading to reduced wear and subsequent maintenance. The unique straddle mount setup not only provides unparalleled stability but also significantly elevates operational safety standards with full outboard access for maintenance. With a commitment to excellence and durability, the L&H straddle mount front idler for electric rope shovels for CAT/Bucyrus and Komatsu/P&H style machines serves as an innovation possessing reliability and top-tier performance for shovel undercarriages operating across the globe.  

The technical data sheet for our straddle mount front idler offers insights into how the features of this innovative design are revolutionizing maintenance for electric rope shovel undercarriages. Request access by filling out the form below.