L&H Omega Shoes for Shovel Undercarriages Download Tech Sheet PDF


The L&H Omega shoe design increases track life by more than 30%. Innovative design features and materials create the ultimate impact resistant track pad; creating a longer expected life and the lowest total cost of ownership.


  • Lowest total cost of ownership. With a 30% greater lifespan compared to other industry offerings, the Omega shoe is proven to be the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.
  • Extended life. The engineered core and increased height in the roller path extends life by two or more years of operation.
  • Decreased maintenance. The longer lasting shoe design reduces your maintenance downtime caused by tracks that have failed prematurely.
  • Increased safety. With reduced maintenance on the tracks, safety hazards are eliminated, increasing safety for maintenance crews.


Deep engagement system

A deep engagement design fits deep into the drive tines, creating a larger contact area and reducing wear on the tumbler.

Impact resistant materials

The proportion of manganese steel in the metallurgy of the Omega shoe slows propagations of wear into a very predictable linear wear rate.

Raised roller path

Adding an additional inch to the roller path and redesigning the internal core decreases the wear rate, increasing the overall life of the component.

Inverted clevis and stable pitch

The inverted clevis design allows the track pad to be ran any direction. Additionally, pitch growth is decreased due to the increase in clevis size and use of larger pins.

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