New Modification for Loader Arms

In the last couple of years, L&H has been working to develop solutions for heavy mobile equipment products in order to provide our customers with an additional option in the market place. As a solutions oriented company, L&H is developing premium and upgraded components for LeTourneau loaders to outlast the OEM’s design. Our field services also provides mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system troubleshooting.

Along with our mobile equipment team, L&H engineers recently designed and manufactured a new set of 1850 LeTourneau loader arms for a customer in Canada. Engineering evaluated the OEM design and the cracking that occurs around the torque tube of these loader arms. This is a continuous repair L&H has seen on these components over the years. L&H manufactured this set of arms and upgraded the area of cracking, as well as strengthened the area experiencing regular stress risers to decrease the downtime for this machine. 1350 and 2350 loader arms are also being manufactured with this modification.

The mobile equipment team is continually researching and developing more L&H designs and upgrades so that we can continue to be a solution to our customers.