New machine technology brings new capabilities

Modern machining technology on the next level is what the recently installed Okuma double column machining center will bring to L&H’s capabilities.

machine install 1

Preparing for the new machine started back in October 2014 and over the past nine months the Gillette machine shop has been hard at work preparing and installing the massive machining center. A concrete foundation was poured to withstand the machine’s load and required extensive structural support to control vibration. A 13 foot pit topped with a seven foot concrete pad, designed by a geotechnical engineer, ensured a solid foundation. It took four and a half months to ensure the foundation was fully cured and without cracks. This was important before the machine was assembled on top of the foundation to avoid any damage. With the Okuma install now complete, L&H employees began training on the machine in early July after six weeks of installation. The machine will begin running parts in early August. According to Machine shop supervisor, Adam Konrad,

“It was important for L&H to invest in 5 sided machining capabilities not only for the more accurate machining of gear boxes and like parts, but also to be able to quote different types of work than we are used to and break into new markets.”

Bigger, faster, stronger

L&H is continually investing in advanced technologies in their worldwide facilities to provide customers with Honestly Better® products and services. With the addition of this new machine L&H will be better equipped for handling customers’ machining needs. This machine is able to machine parts with absolute precision and has five sided machining capabilities.

machine install 2

With a lights out capability, the 94,000 lbs of table load with a spindle operating at 4,000 rpm’s and 21 x 8 feet of travel on the x and y axis and 7 feet high will provide ample space for machining extremely large parts. To even further guarantee high quality manufacturing, the new machine includes probing capabilities to measure tolerances of the finished part. The machining center’s column construction ensures greater rigidity and closer tolerances; bringing another level of capacity to L&H’s manufacturing capabilities. Konrad further explains,

“The new Okuma will provide customers with improved accuracy for all their machining needs.”