New L&H Undercarriages

4100XPB/495HR L&H Undercarriage Introduced

After selling 49 sets of P&H style L&H undercarriages that consistently provide an increase of 30% or more life, L&H decided to take that success and apply it to the Bucyrus 495HR shovel.

Incorporating our knowledge of the 4100XPB undercarriage, we designed a system that can be used on both the P&H 4100XPB and the 495HR. This allows the customer that has both shovels to limit the stock they need to cover both undercarriages and utilize that extra savings for other parts that they need on hand or reduce their stock.

L&H Industrial is excited to bring our customers yet another L&H system option that saves you money on your total cost of ownership, provide greater uptime and greater production.