Final Testing of NASA’s Upgraded Crawler Transporter System

From the initial quote submitted by L&H in October of 2012, to manufacturing and installing over 1,300 parts in 2013, and rebuilding 16 propel transmissions in 2015, L&H has played a big role in the upgrade of the Crawler Transporter located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. In March of 2016, the final testing of the crawler transporter took place, as the enormous machine made a 4 mile trek to the launch pad, testing the new components and upgrades for absolute precision.


The ultimate test of precision

After being inside the Vehicle Assembly Building for over a year, NASA was ready to take the Crawler Transporter #2 out for its final test. During the 4 mile test drive, verifications and validations of temperature and vibration testing was performed on all the parts provided by L&H. The verification and validation assessment made it clear that all work performed by L&H was performed accurately and to the highest degree of quality.

The next space program

The CT-2 was not the only project going on at the Kennedy Space Center. NASA is also currently working on new platforms which will be installed in the high bays of the Vehicle Assembly Building as well as upgrading the mobile launch platform and the launch pad. This is all being performed in preparation for the Space Launch Program which will ultimately lead to a mission to Mars with a test rocket being launched in 2017/2018.


L&H played a critical role in the upgrade of the crawler the past few years, the quality products manufactured by our expert tradesmen which were then installed by our expert field service crews in collaboration with our quality team; the crawler will be ready for the next generation of space exploration.