Excavators Join L&H Industrial’s Range of Equipment Expertise

Repairing equipment for a mine’s fleet is crucial to operations, often times hundreds of pieces of equipment is working at a mining operation per day. Ranging from blasthole drills, shovels, excavators, draglines, loaders, haul trucks, graders, dozers, water trucks, crushers and mills; and list goes on, you know the downtime it can create and the effect it will have on a mine’s productivity.

Having the best service and parts available to service fleets for planned maintenance and rush breakdowns is vital to keeping production operational. Ensuring there are experts to service not just one kind of equipment, but your entire fleet is even more beneficial. That’s why L&H now services hydraulic excavators along with our existing product and service lines ranging from draglines to ball mills.

The right parts and expert service crews

Adding hydraulic excavators to our mix of engineering & design, manufacturing & repair and field services provides our customers with more comprehensive solutions to their entire fleet’s maintenance needs.

L&H recently rebuilt and repaired the undercarriage and side frames for two Hitachi EX5500 excavators at a copper mine in Nevada. The rebuilds included component replacements and upgrades to the carbody, pedestal and slew ring as well, and were installed by our skilled and knowledgeable field crews out of our new Battle Mountain Location, just west of Elko, Nevada.

If you need expert service, engineered designs and high quality parts for your mine’s operations, L&H can serve your fleet across multiple types and brands of equipment.