Excavator Expansion

Experts in Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Repair and Field Service has been L&H Industrial’s business portfolio for many years, these service offerings have been scaled across machines and operations in a variety of industries, but L&H continues to expand offerings even more and hydraulic excavators is one of the company’s most recent market expansions. Leveraging their mechanical prowess and experience to the hydraulic excavators has been a longtime goal and area of equipment the company has focused on, but has now officially began to fully invest in engineering new product innovations, servicing operations, and completing complete modifications and custom rebuilds on many excavator machines. Omega Straddle Mount Front Idler

Product Line Manager for Shovels and Excavators, Tyler Thomas commented,

“Expanding our scope of excavator offerings parallels our business approach to provide complete solutions across an operation’s machines. Leveraging our 50 years of experience in designing solutions for the industry’s toughest problems has allowed us to further our offerings across industries and machines; and our excavator product line is the most recent focus.”