From components to new machines | Your LeTourneau fleet is covered

From shovels to draglines and now support equipment; L&H Industrial’s parts and services span all your mining machinery. With a concentration on LeTourneau loaders in recent years; L&H now offers manufacturing and repair, engineering and design and field services across all LeTourneau machine models. Continuing our dedication and commitment to our roots of “building it better” we now offer a number of L&H designs for LeTourneau components and assemblies that include comprehensive upgrades throughout the machine.

Component upgrades longer life and lower maintenance costs

Our industry skilled technicians that recognize how parts wear, work with our expert engineers to develop new products that increase maintenance intervals and provide the lowest cost of ownership for our customers. From our hydraulic gearbox design and lift arm assembly to drivers and cylinders our mobile equipment teams have engineered, manufactured and installed our components across machines, from L-2350 to L-1400.

Covering all major areas of LeTourneau machines including structural, hydraulic, drive assemblies and power unit components, L&H also stocks inventory and offers consignment for high demand parts.


  • Ball liners
  • Joy sticks
  • Bell cranks
  • Lift arms
  • Rear frames
  • Rear axle
  • Level links
  • Bearings
  • Shims


  • Cylinders
  • Pumps
  • Hoses

Drive Assembly

  • Drivers Power Unit components
  • Hydraulic gearbox
  • Aluminum blower wheel

L&H continues to expand product and service offerings for LeTourneau machines; Mobile equipment Product Line Manager, Barry Thomas explained,

“We have made great advancements in our scope of products and services on LeTourneau machines and we are continuing to do so. L&H believe is providing customers with an alternative solution to the OEM, as we can provide more specialized and more customizable solutions for specific customer needs and their mining operations.”