Case Study: Tramp Release System 

Revolutionizing Cone Crusher Safety

Crushing machinery often encounters risks from unwanted metal objects like drill bits and bolts, which can damage equipment and pose safety threats. Traditional methods like spring clamping aren’t efficient in handling these. To tackle this, L&H Industrial introduced the Tramp Release System. This innovative system replaces traditional springs with a more reliable mechanism that auto-adjusts when excessive tramp pressure is detected, allowing the crusher to self-clear. This ensures safe and uninterrupted operations. The system can also be retrofitted quickly, in less than a day. Companies using this system have experienced reduced risks, increased production, and minimized downtime. L&H Industrial’s solution prioritizes safety and high output, proving valuable in challenging industry environments.

Unlock safer, more efficient crusher operations. Download the complete Tramp Release Case Study now and discover how this innovative solution is setting new safety and performance benchmarks in the industry.