Case Study:  L&H Undercarriages for Electric Rope Shovels 

The Unrivaled Choice with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership 

We know production is paramount, and downtime simply isn’t an option for your electric rope shovel fleets. When we started developing our undercarriages, our focus was on one of the most pressing issues: the frequent need to replace undercarriages due to current designs, leading to increased operational costs and downtime. Addressing this concern, we continue to redesign key structures, geometries, materials and improvements for maintenance, setting a new Honestly Better® standard in undercarriage reliability for CAT/Bucyrus and Komatsu/P&H shovels. The outcome of our innovation is an assembly that doesn’t just meet industry needs but significantly surpasses them, proving to last over 30% longer than any other market offering available today.  

To delve deeper into the comprehensive upgrades and universal innovations leading to greater productivity for undercarriages and as a proven system for electric rope shovel fleets around the world, fill out the form below to download our case study.