Analysis in the Field

On site equipment analysis is significant to machine maintenance; inspections in the field can provide data and technical findings that may dictate component life and performance. A field report aids in planning maintenance intervals and equipment outages so that production is optimized, warranty commitments are upheld, and downtime is reduced. Similar to having a doctor make a diagnosis before scheduling a surgery, machine and equipment maintenance should be planned based on an expert analysis of component life and level of wear.

Existing capabilities expanded industries

Gearbox inspection

As experts in the field, L&H Industrial has provided machine inspections and equipment audits for over 50 years; so when it comes to making a “diagnosis” our field technicians have seen it all when it comes to machine health and monitoring. Whether the recommended course of action be on site machining, welding, mechanical repair or an entire machine rebuild; L&H Industrial can provide the manufacturing, repair, install and testing to ensure total quality assurance through the entire process.

Because of our extensive experience in the field, L&H can service a variety of industries; and we recently completed bore scope inspections on fifty-five gearboxes at a wind turbine farm in Texas. Additionally providing detailed inspection reports on seventeen main shafts which were selected by random sample, L&H’s quality technicians were on site for 3 weeks providing analysis of the of the turbines’ drive terrains. Expanding services into additional markets compliments L&H Industrial’s existing capabilities and experience on large machinery and fabricated structures. Offering a wide array of services from borescope to UT/NDE inspection and geometric measurement in the field or at many of our locations; L&H Industrial can provide a complete solution approach for your maintenance problems.