A Shovel in Mexico gets an L&H Upgrade

Upgrading, repairing, engineering, manufacturing and installing is what L&H does best. Whether it’s a transmission rebuild or an entirely new Omega boom design, L&H works with our customers to solve their toughest problems and keep their machines running at their best performance. Working with a customer in Mexico to optimize a 495 shovel, L&H has been chosen to help them rebuild and design new components and assemblies from the undercarriage and swing system to the handle, saddle blocks and new snubber design.

Mexico Shovel Outage

Optimizing machine performance

With over 60,000 hours on the existing machine, the investment to upgrade and rebuild components would allow for an additional 5+ years of production. L&H Industrial Mexico Sales Manager, David Reyna explains,

Because the mine needed this machine back up and running for production, L&H manufactured, rebuilt, repaired and installed the new components on the machine in approximately six months. A team effort between L&H’s Gillette and Tempe manufacturing facilities and L&H Mexico’s field service crew made it possible to see the project through with a focus on quality, safety and efficiency while also finishing within the project budget.

Rebuilding components and creating cost savings

Now that the machine has been upgraded and rebuilt, it will be ready to produce again very soon, with both new and rebuilt components the mine has a more robust shovel that will last for many more years of additional production. Rebuilding components for a machine can often be more cost effective as well; during market slowdowns make sure your components have to be replaced as opposed to being rebuilt, many times a component can be rebuilt to original standards or better and often times save money.