L&H Omega Products

Innovations that leap ahead of current heavy equipment technology

L&H Omega products stand out as major advances for heavy industrial machinery, leaping ahead of industry-standard technology. It’s the close collaboration of our Field Services experts with our Design & Engineering and Manufacturing & Repair teams that makes L&H Omega innovations possible. By seeing from the field the big picture of machine safety, field conditions, wear points, handling, efficiency, configurations, materials, repairs, and maintenance over the full machine lifecycle, we’re able to make technology advances along multiple vectors that net big performance gains for big machines.

What that means for you is not only better performance but also efficient maintenance and lower operational costs over the lifetime of your large-scale industrial machines.

And this isn’t just talk. We have the numbers to prove it.

Omega Products

The measure of Honestly Better technology

L&H Omega technologies set significantly higher industry benchmarks. Here are just two examples of the performance differential you can expect from L&H Omega products:

  • For the mining industry, L&H Omega Undercarriages for electric rope shovels last 30% longer than OEM, thanks to the combined advantages of innovations in design, materials and manufacturing.
  • For the railroad industry, the L&H Omega SuperSport Tie Knockout Workarm—35% stronger than comparable products—when used in conjunction with the L&H Omega Tie Knockout Lift Table increases the speed of production tie exchangers from swapping 12 ties per minute up to 18—and it outlasts the OEM assembly 5:1.

We’ve developed comparable L&H Omega technology advances for draglines and blasthole drills. The products in our L&H Omega line truly leap ahead of existing technologies.

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We can adapt L&H Omega technology for different machines

Our expert engineers can readily adapt L&H products for different equipment makes and models, and in many cases even cross over to improve different machines with similar assemblies in different industries. For example, we used our deep expertise in advancing undercarriage technology for mining shovels and blasthole drills to improve the undercarriages of the NASA Crawler-Transporter, the world’s largest self-powered vehicle.

NASA Crawler-Transporter

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