Swing Systems for Electric Rope Shovels Download Tech Sheet PDF


Proven in the field, the L&H Omega Swing System upgrades electric rope shovels with a higher-performance, longer-lasting assembly and is available for both Cat®/Bucyrus® and P&H®/Joy Global® machines.


  • Less maintenance. Smart modifications reduce the stress to the revolving frame in the OEM design, decreasing number of repairs.
  • Extended lifespan. L&H upgrades provide 300% more thrust surface on rollers and the replaceable thrust rack allows the ring gear to run for its longest potential.


Added thrust surface

Moving the thrust surface up on the rollers increases contact by 300%, reducing the wear rate of the rollers.

Fragment relief

Fragment relief allows for material that wears to be displaced instead of wearing moving parts at a faster rate.

Upgraded upper rail

In addition to improving the roller load share, the increased width adds rigidity to the revolving frame, reducing the repairs needed and it increases the stiffness by more than 45%.

Cat® / Bucyrus® bolt-on ring gear

The bolt-on ring gear reduces the replacement cost as the cast base can be re-used or a fabricated base will be provided with a new swing system. Once installed, this design allows for change out without replacing base, cutting the prep time as the base does not have to be welded back on after removal. This is also offered as an exchange with new swing system and rebuilt base.