Family Leadership

In 1964, Leon Wandler and Hank Barney founded what is now L&H Industrial. Today, two of Leon’s sons, Mike Wandler (left) and Jeff Wandler (center), along with Jim Clikeman (right), lead the global enterprise. Third generation family members Jason Percifield (far left) and Dustin Roush (far right) round out the family leadership group.

Mike Wandler


30 years of service at L&H

Mike began his career at L&H Industrial as a laborer and machinist, eventually becoming the machinist supervisor, a role he held for twelve years before becoming vice president of the company. He became the president of L&H in 2000. Driven to improve L&H capabilities, facilities, tools, processes, work culture and opportunities, over the years he has led a series of transformational initiatives that have re-defined how we do business. As part of this mission, Mike completed Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management program 38 in 2009.

Jeff Wandler

Vice President

35 years of service at L&H

Jeff Wandler began working at L&H when he was 14 years old, sweeping the shop, sand blasting and cleaning parts. Throughout high school and growing up at L&H, Jeff learned machining and mechanics, and he eventually became L&H’s first salesman when he was 26. In addition to founding our sales department, Jeff led L&H expansion into the railroad and mining industries. He has been pivotal in expanding the international reach of L&H and our global customer base. Says Jeff, “What I love about my job at L&H is that I enjoy working with our customers and products so much, it doesn’t even seem like a job!”

Jim Clikeman

Senior Vice President

23 years of Service at L&H

Jim joined L&H as our chief financial officer in 1992, following twelve years as a senior manager at a national accounting firm. A certified public accountant (CPA), Jim also holds a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation and has deep experience in business management. Now the senior vice president of our company, Jim has been instrumental in the planning and execution of L&H acquisitions around the globe, building the foundation for continued growth in our capabilities and services worldwide.

Jason Percifield

Operations Manager

14 years of Service at L&H

Jason started working at L&H in 2001 as a helper in the machine shop, learning from his Grandpa Leon, co-founder of L&H Industrial. Jason went on to work in various production positions, eventually moving into management, first as a weld shop manager and then as the manager of Field Services. Jason was instrumental in expanding L&H’s field services, which has grown into one of the largest divisions at L&H. During Jason’s years in field service, he also helped develop and manufacture L&H’s very own state-of-the-art mining shovel lift system. About his role at L&H Jason says, “One of the things I most enjoy is the freedom to make projects you own and make them happen.”

Dustin Roush

Canadian Account Manager

8 years of Service at L&H

After several years working in sales, primarily serving mining and oilfield companies in the Powder River Basin, Dustin transitioned to business development in Canada, where he has played a crucial role in expanding L&H services for oil sands operations. This included helping develop a custom 138-inch shoe design and undercarriage for field conditions specific to the region’s oil sands.

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