Manufacturing & Repair

Precision manufacturing of massive industrial machines and components

L&H Industrial can repair, rebuild or newly manufacture any heavy equipment assembly or component that you have in your operation. With master tradesmen at the helm of state-of-the-art equipment in our world-class manufacturing centers, L&H routinely takes on the biggest, most challenging manufacturing and repair projects in heavy industry.

Advancing heavy equipment technology

Our manufacturing team works closely with our customers and L&H Field Services and Design & Engineering teams to produce Honestly Better machine components, assemblies, modifications, and technologies that improve overall machine safety and performance, long-term. Among these, our own L&H Omega products stand out as significant industry innovations.

Manufacturing for custom projects and one-of-a-kind machines

Unlike heavy equipment OEMs that rely on higher-volume production, L&H specializes in custom manufacturing. For our work in mining, oil and gas, railroads, and custom solutions, we often do heavy machine builds, rebuilds, and upgrades that requires newly manufactured standard or improved components. This includes rebuilds and retrofits for your current machines as well as legacy machines.

For several clients, we’ve even purpose-built completely new heavy industrial machines from the ground up—from design and engineering to prototyping, testing and manufacturing.

Bucket Welding

Total control for exceptional quality

Doing advanced large-scale manufacturing in-house enables us to control every aspect of the process:

  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Gear grinding
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Heat treating
  • Assembly
  • Testing

Our high-precision manufacturing capabilities, combined with rigorous quality assurance, ensure we produce the highest-quality, longest-lasting heavy industrial components that exist.

L&H manufacturing specialties

Massive gears and gearboxes

L&H has an in-house team of specialists dedicated to manufacturing, rebuilding, rebanding and repairing massive-scale gears and pinions as well as the smallest planetary gears for gear boxes. Our facilities and equipment for this purpose—among the best in the world—include a Höfler Rapid 6000 gear grinder that can produce 6-meter gears, pinions, and pinion shafts at AGMA 12 or better quality. Our ongoing R&D includes innovative designs for large gears used in mining shovels, draglines, drills, oil and gas, and mineral processing equipment.

Massive booms and machine structures

L&H also has advanced capabilities for manufacturing, rebuilding and upgrading machine structures of all sizes. Our fabrication expertise range from booms and shovel undercarriage designs to custom component modifications and whole machine upgrades.

Precision components

For producing small components and assemblies, where absolute precision is crucial, we have some of today’s most sophisticated machining equipment for turning, boring and milling.

Improve your industrial machines

Contact us about our custom manufacturing and repair capabilities for heavy industrial applications.

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