Industrial Entrance Systems

Industrial operations need industrial grade entrance systems that can protect high-value assets and withstand environmental influences and unique applications. 

Access our tech sheet on Industrial Entrance Systems to learn more about our suite of products and services.


Vertical lifting fabric doors provide a seamless solution where large door applications with adequate insulation is required. Besides offering doors that fulfill the need for size, insulation and rapid opening, these doors also provide natural ambient light for work environments.  

Megadoors offer minimal maintenance costs and have built-in safety features to keep equipment undamaged and personnel safe during operation. Custom designed for any size of opening, from the largest shipyards to mining equipment bays and everything in between.  

Rubber Roll Up Doors 

Albany Rubber Doors

High-performance rubber doors open fast for an efficient and safe flow of production in and out of your facility. Engineered for the tough, corrosive conditions of heavy industry, Albany rubber doors are built to protect your operations from high wind loads and contamination under roof.

Together with a space-conserving profile, heavy-duty steel construction, impact-proof rubber curtain, and patented WindLock design, rubber doors are an ultra-tough solution for industrial operations.  

Steel Roll-Up Doors and More 

Steel Roll Up Doors

L&H can also provide steel roll up doors and other door needs, including installation and service. Big, innovative, and hard-working door solutions for hard-working operations and equipment. Our door technicians are experienced, efficient, and can be contracted to be available on-site regularly to maintain your operation’s industrial entrance systems. 

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